Ali Benflis’ Algeria

Ali Benflis, an Ardent Fighter for Freedom of Expression and Human Rights

Born September 8, 1944 in Batna, Ali Benflis has experience as a magistrate, a prosecutor, the founding member of the Algerian League of Human Rights, the Minister of Justice after the social upheaval of 1988, and the former Prime Minister of Algeria.

As President of Algeria, Ali Benflis proposes the following actions :

An Independent Judiciary

Ali Benflis has done everything in his power to transform a corrupt government to a strong, executive branch with accountable elected officials. One of the first major steps toward this goal is to create an independent judiciary. As a former lawyer, this is a measure that will bring together the Algerian people and usher in a new era of consistency. Benflis invites former executives of the marginalized organizations, proclaiming that Algeria will not have peace until they can properly recognize those who compose it.

A Territorial Fairness to the Southwest Region of the Country

In the Saharawi territory located in the Southwestern region of Algeria in Tindouf, Benflis promises a reduction of air pollution in the name of territorial fairness. Ali Benflis promises a new Algeria, through an administrative architecture geared to unify the people of all regions of Algeria.

Modern Education

During his presidential campaign in April 2014, Benflis stressed the importance of education and promised to implement a reform of the higher education system. He has indicated that some universities will benefit from training abroad and wishes to create more opportunities for the Algerian youth.

More Jobs

Benflis emphasizes the importance of a establishing a national minimum wage for young people who do not have jobs. He also encourages entrepreneurship and hiring incentives for the creation of more private enterprises, with coaching and project support.

A Better Health System

According to Benflis, citizens have a strong need for a better health care system. The current system has been the subject of great criticism. Algeria requires quality health care, better conditions for practitioners, as well as greater access to resources and training.

The Abolition of Corruption

Benflis’ fight against corruption will not cease as he will be devoting much of his energy toward the corruption in government, which he calls high treason. Benflis promises to appeal to a national pact against corruption by implementing measures designed to reduce political interference and put a stomp to impunity. Benflis believes in corruption as a criminal act that is both immoral and socially unacceptable. As a man of Human Rights and Justice, and one known for his pragmatism, his program is designed to create an Algerian democracy that is both modern and stable.

An Advocate for Change and Democracy

Ali Benflis has a set of specifications for the Algerian government. Benflis promises to not stifle democracy and to address the concerns of the people especially with the policy relating to amnesty for Islamists and the liberalization of the sectors making Algeria less stable. Benflis also acknolwedges the unanimous dissatisfaction of Young Algerians and how the current economic state has left them disenfranchised. For a peaceful country, Benflis understands that these conditions must change.

As a former Prime Minister, Benflis believes and supports the freedom of expression for citizens and wants to establish a government that listens to it’s people. Since coming back to politics, Mr. Benflis has put in motion an outline to bring positive change and stability to the people of Algeria.