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Welcome to the Official Page of the Former Prime Minister and man of the Algerian people, Ali Benflis.

The fight for a New Algeria begins here.

An activist of Human Rights and a spiritual leader ready and willing to usher a transition toward a new Algeria, Ali Benflis will turn the tide. Through civil wars, social upheavals, and years of unrest among the Algerian people, Mr. Benflis has stood tall with a strong record of integrity and hope.

On behalf of democracy, Ali Benflis has invited the people to come together and take a stand for a better country. Ali Benflis believes in the importance of education, promising to reform the higher education system and create more opportunities for the unemployed young. Ali Benflis believes in creating opportunities for employment, the creation of a strong healthcare system for the Algerian people, and constructing a government with respect to the rule of law.

We appreciate your support, and together, we can create a better direction

Ali Benflis understands the country’s need for change and the desire to acknowledge a new voice of the people. With a resume that shows a proven track record of human rights, economic growth, a deep understanding of justice, and an undying will to improve the conditions of the Algerian people.


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The National Opposition

  • As for the national opposition, which has become a reality to the ruling political system is moving in full accordance with a sacred national duty. This duty is to preserve the nation from a political system that is on the verge of collapse. The constitutional right of the national opposition becomes a duty when the legitimacy of the political state is threatened. This sacred duty exists beyond borders and operates without weakness or fear.
    Ali Benflis

Hope is here. Believe in Benflis


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